Xactsense is now the FIRST USA distributor of SEAGULL UAV Products !

For years we have been using Seagull UAV products in our own custom builds.

Now we are proud to offer a number of Seagull UAV’s hottest offerings as their first USA distributor!

Any custom build requiring photo triggering, control, or image geotagging should consider integrating these robust and reliable products.

Triggering your camera and tagging images couldn’t be easier now with their #map or #rec modules plus hotshoe adapter to recieve shutter confirmation from your Sony Camera.

Now you can also start and stop video recording with a switch on your transmitter with the Seagul UAV #rec module !

(No more wasted minutes of SD card on footage of the dirt before and after flights)

Other camera manufacturer cables can be special ordered.

Feel free to contact us for support in ordering the appropriate items for your project.

Check out the store HERE for a list of Seagull UAV products.

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